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Glyderm solutions / glyderm solution

Glyderm Solution 5
Glyderm Solution 5 is alcohol based to dry up blackheads and excess oil. Helps decrease pigmentation. Best for oily and acne prone skin. Helps stop the aging appearance. Esterified Glycolic Acid for your safety.

Glyderm Solution Plus 10
Glyderm Solution Plus 10 contains 10% glycolic acid plus the addition of salicylic acid for maximum exfoliation of dead dry skin. Cuts down pigmentation. Follow directions carefully. For oily nonsensitive skin. You should first successfully use Solution Plus 5 before using this product.

Glyderm Solution Plus 12
Glyderm Solution Plus 12 was developed for the teenager with acne. It is great for cleaning out skin pores that have become clogged with sebum. It has the maximum glycolic acid plus salicylic acid. For those that have used the Solution Plus 10 without problems. It gives maximum exfoliation.


Glyderm Solutions
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GLYDERM® GlyDerm Face Solution 5
Price: $34.00


GLYDERM® Glyderm Face Solution Plus 10
Product Code: GD29

Price: $34.00
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GLYDERM® Glyderm Face Solution Plus 12
Product Code: GD30

Price: $37.00

Displaying 1 through 3 of 3 products.