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Glyderm Lotion

Glyderm Lotion 5
Glyderm Lotion 5 is formulated for normal to slightly oily skin. It contains 5% glycolic acid in its esterified form plus petrolatum products. Glycolic ester retains the exfoliation properties while making it much safer for your skin. Follow directions for application and removal after 2 hours. If no irritation within 24 hours may leave on overnight.

Glyderm lotion Lite 5
Glyderm lotion Lite 5 contains 5% glycolic acid, but no petrolatum or mineral oil products, Can be used on all skin types. Follow application directions. Helps fade fine lines and results in softer smoother skin. Use each night.

Glyderm Lotion Lite Plus 10
Glyderm Lotion Lite Plus 10 has no mineral oil or petrolatum and contains 10% glycolic acid. Gives a softer smoother skin. Helps decrease lines and wrinkles. Glycolic esters are safer than Glycolic acid. Use on combination to dry skin.

Glyderm Lotion Plus 10
Glyderm Lotion Plus 10 is best for combination to dry skin. It contains 10% glycolic acid plus it also contains petrolatum and mineral oil to combat dry skin. Closely follow directions. Gentle exfoliation helps soften and smooth the skin. Only use if you have first used lotion 5.


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