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when your skin is environmentally damaged...


Throughout life everyone is exposed to the sun and air pollution whether it be casually or in extreme doses. Add Smoking, Alcohol, Pollution, Medications, Stress, and Extreme Weather Conditions: the result is a dull, dry, discolored, and lined complexion. In more profound cases, pre cancerous cancer lesions are present. These damaging agents present in the environment cause the skin to age prematurely and increase hyperpigmentation.


HYPERPIGMENTATION: Hyperpigmentation is usually a result of photo-sensitizing agents or hormonal changes in the body such as pregnancy and menopause. Excessive sun exposure and lack of sun protection always worsen this condition.


PREMATURELY AGED SKIN: Prematurely aged skin suffers from decreased cellular turnover. Fewer cells are replacing old ones. When dead skin cells do not shed rapidly, it results in a dry, dull, wrinkled complexion.



  • Your dry, fine lines are beginning to deepen
  • Your skin feels thinner
  • You have "spider veins" on your face and chest
  • Your natural coloring has become uneven
  • Brown spots are appearing on your face, hands and arms
  • Your skin is no longer firm and elastic
  • Your skin looks older than you are
  • Your skin shows effects of years spent in the sun pursuing a suntan

Conditions and Habits That Increase Damage:

  • You recently were pregnant or you have been on birth control pills
  • You experience oil irregularity
  • You have had excessive sun exposure while taking certain medications (antibiotics, tranquilizers, diuretics)
  • You use fragranced skin products
  • You use perfumes on your neck and chest and these areas are now pigmented
  • You have been using facial depilatories, bleaches, or waxing procedures to remove hair
  • You have been using over-the-counter acne preparations
  • You do not use sunblocks when engaging in outdoor activities

You Might Want To Ask Your Doctor About Discontinuing: Birth control pills, antibiotics, diuretics, high oral doses of vitamin A or C, over the counter acne medications, perfumed skin care products, facial waxing, depilatories and bleaches.

Note: In order to effectively treat hyperpigmentation, it is absolutely necessary that you eliminate sun exposure completely.


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